Obedience Training


Our boarding school program is a 3 week program for dogs and puppies over 4 months old and we are very flexible about starting dates. We encourage our clients to plan training around vacations or other out of town trips so their dog can have a happy and productive vacation also. At graduation we spend about 2 hours with your family to introduce your mannerly family member back into the household. The entire family’s participation is encouraged to be sure everyone will be able to communicate in a new way with their dog.

All dogs have formal training sessions on a one on one basis to teach them basic obedience exercises of heel, sit, down, stay and come and then learn how to apply these to everyday life. A typical day for your dog with us is as different from day to day as life with your dog is in your home. On any day visitors or delivery persons may arrive, new dogs may be introduced to the household or any of the other things that would come up in a day.

When your dog is with us it will have great opportunities for doggy socialization to further his or her social skills, which is very important for all dogs but especially the young or under socialized dogs.  Birds, cats and livestock are available to help your dog learn proper behavior around other animals.

We will customize our program to suit your needs and your dog’s temperament and personality. Our program is open ended and we will continue to work with you or help you anytime in the future with any problems that may appear because of changes such as moving, adding an additional pet, new baby, etc.

Aggression toward other dogs or people will be dealt with on an individual basis and dogs must be approved in advance before being accepted into our program.

The cost of the program is $1500 which includes 3 weeks of boarding and training, the approximately 2 hour family session at the end of the 3 weeks and unlimited follow up including phone consultations and further handling lessons. Other services are available and priced according to the situation.

We serve the entire metro area and frequently accommodate out of town guests also.

PHONE: (540) 272-0470

EMAIL: info@dogtrainingvirginia.net