Our Concept

Our concept of a doggy boarding school was formed by our extensive experience in giving private lessons, group classes and competing with our own dogs. We realized that a large number of our clients did not have the time (or sometimes the talent!) to train their dogs to a level of behavior that made their dog a good family member.  Success levels were often discouraging and began to erode the relationship between the owner and dog.

There is no more difficult decision for pet owners to make than the one to give up their pet and we wanted to help them keep their beloved family member. We want to insure that no dog will be given up because of resolvable behavior problems.

Training classes and private lessons in home are helpful to teach obedience exercises but often fail to address the practical behavior problems in real life. Our program is very intensive and teaches practical application of obedience exercises. Your dog lives in our home as a family member and learns household manners such as greeting guests properly, lying down during meals, etc and, when outside your home, to walk on a leash calmly around other dogs, children and all the other distractions he will meet. 

All behavior problems such as housebreaking, chewing and nipping are addressed as your dog learns his obedience skills.

Our goal is to be sure that the best possible relationship exists between the entire family and their dog to insure that everyone will have the wonderful experience of a long and happy life with a beloved family member.


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